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Can you get a thread lift and still get Botox? Don’t thread lifts make you look frozen or pull your skin? There are lots of myths out there about this popular treatment and today we’re going to debunk some of the most common ones we hear. 

Thread lifts have become a popular alternative to traditional facelifts, offering a less invasive option for facial rejuvenation. While they may not offer the same dramatic and long-lasting impact of an actual facelift, they sure don’t come with the level of risk, pain, cost and recovery time either! 

While thread lifts are very popular and attractive options, there are many myths and misconceptions surrounding this procedure. This has led to confusion about what it can and cannot achieve. That’s why we thought we’d clarify and demystify the realities of thread lifts, from what they are to clearing up some common misconceptions people have about this 

What is a Thread Lift?

A thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure designed to subtly lift and tighten the skin without the need for surgical intervention. During the procedure, dissolvable threads made of polydioxanone (PDO) are inserted under the skin using a fine needle. These threads attach to the skin tissue and are then pulled back to lift and smooth the face. Over time, the threads stimulate collagen production, enhancing the skin’s firmness and elasticity, leading to a rejuvenated appearance.

9 Thread Lift Myths

We hear many questions and just as many misconceptions about thread lifts. While there are certainly more than nine, these are some of the ones that seem to come up most often.

Myth: Thread lifts offer permanent results.

Fact: Thread lifts provide temporary improvements, typically lasting 1-3 years, as the threads dissolve and natural aging continues. So they do provide a fantastic value because they are quite long lasting, but as aging continues, so does the need to battle the effects. In reality, nothing really offers permanent results for this very reason!

Myth: They are suitable for everyone.

Fact: Ideal candidates are usually those experiencing mild to moderate skin laxity, not individuals with significant sagging.This is why it is important to have a consultation with a trusted provider that understands the limitations of thread lifts. It is important to understand the limitations of the procedure and to have realistic expectations.

Myth: Recovery involves significant downtime.

Fact: Recovery from thread lifts is minimal, with most patients able to resume normal activities within a few days. This is one of the reasons that the threat lift is so popular. You can have the procedure with very little disruption to your life. You’ll have a little swelling and should avoid strenuous activities for a couple weeks, but you can go to work and live normally otherwise.

Myth: Only older people benefit from thread lifts.

Fact:  There is no right age to get a thread lift, and it is certainly not just for older people. If you see signs of aging and want to combat it, you can benefit! And remember, it’s not just to help reverse aging that has already occurred, it can be used as a preventative measure to slow the appearance of aging.

Myth: Thread lifts can replace Botox and fillers.

Fact: While thread lifts provide lifting, Botox and fillers are better for addressing wrinkles and volume loss, respectively. So while all of these treatments are aimed to help you look younger, they all work to solve different issues associated with aging. 

Myth: You cannot combine them with fillers or treatments like Botox.

Fact: Thread lifts can actually be combined with other treatments for more comprehensive anti-aging effects. By doing so, you can create a more dramatic change in your appearance. Your provider can suggest treatment combinations that will most benefit you and get you closer to your goals.

Myth: Thread lifts make you look frozen or unnatural.

Fact: When performed correctly, thread lifts offer natural-looking results by subtly lifting the face. They don’t prevent movement or do anything that someone seeing you will be able to perceive. When done by a skilled practitioner, thread lifts will simply make you look more toned and youthful, not frozen, pulled or otherwise unnatural.

Myth: They stretch the skin.

Fact: Thread lifts do not stretch the skin but rather create a ‘selective inflammatory response’ that promotes collagen production and strengthens the skin. They do not work by “pulling” skin in any way.

Myth: PDO Threads are made of thread.

Fact: It’s easy to see why people think this one given the name, but there is no thread in thread lifts! PDO threads are made from a bio-absorbable material used in medical sutures, promoting safe and effective tissue integration. This is why they are safe to insert and leave under the skin.

Thread lifts are a fantastic way to lift loose, sagging skin on your face, jaw, and chin. They offer all of the benefits without the downsides of more invasive procedures, making them a great option. And if you’re a busy professional, you can get a thread lift without skipping a beat at work, adding to its overall appeal! This is why they’ve earned the nickname “the non-surgical facelift”! 

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