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Many of us feel frustrated and embarrassed about our fine lines and wrinkles, decreased facial volume, acne scars, sagging skin, and other facial impurities. Although many over-the-counter products have promised to address those concerns, not all of those deliver the right results.

Prescott Medical Aesthetics in Prescott, Arizona understands people’s desire to look and feel good about themselves. We have natural remedies to treat skin concerns, insecurities, and signs of aging.

As licensed aestheticians accredited by the State Board of Cosmetology, going above and beyond for our patients is our top priority. We listen to their needs and create a personalized treatment plan for their aesthetic needs.

Our Licensed Aestheticians and Skincare Specialists

Dr. Kim Harris of Prescott Medical Aesthetics

Dr. Kim Harris

Prescott Medical Aesthetics is the area’s only medical facility to offer aesthetic beauty under the care of an Aesthetic ND. In contrast with a dermatologist or esthetician, they are backed by research, science, and evidence supporting these amazing, beautifying procedures.

Patients receive the ultimate in care and attention with Dr. Harris’s background as a primary care physician and her medical knowledge & expertise in medical aesthetics. Dr. Harris is skilled in performing a non-surgical face lift through other less invasive procedures for faster results and less healing time.

Dr. Harris uses only the best products in the medical aesthetics field, such as Juvederm, to ensure your care and your results to be top-of-the-line.

Dr. Harris is Prescott’s preferred aesthetician.


Mikki Fletcher

Mikki Fletcher is our Front Desk assistant with over 8 years’ experience in the beauty and wellness industry. She was born and raised along the coast of Monterey, California and has lived in Prescott since 2019.

She enjoys landscape photography, creating art, graphic design, social media management, traveling, hiking, and gardening. 

She has always been interested in beauty and wellness and Prescott Medical Aesthetics and Wellness was the perfect fit for her!

Mikki Fletcher of Prescott Medical Aesthetics

Elaine Lightbourne

Elaine is a Certified Licensed Esthetician with 16+ yrs experience in Medical Esthetics. She is a qualified Master Esthetician from the NW, where she had lived the last 27 yrs before returning to her home state Arizona in 2016 and her favorite childhood town, Prescott. She has extensive training in laser technology, medical chemical peels and professional skin care, paired with the passionate belief that we can age with vibrancy and grace, given the proper tools and information.

Elaine is dedicated to supporting her patients in finding the confidence that comes with clear, healthy, radiant skin at any age. Investing in your skin is a benefit that last a lifetime. She finds it very fulfilling to connect with her patients, establish trust and give her personal attention to their needs.

Elaine is an expert in her field using the latest technology and continued higher education. Her hobbies are gardening, hiking, entertaining with her family and friends and spending quality time with her husband and pets.


North Valley Women's Care Doctors and Staff


An aesthetician is a skincare specialist who cleans the skin through exfoliation, massage, aromatherapy, and facials. They focus more on cosmetics and provide consultations on the best products for their client’s skin type. They are experts in the makeup application and temporary hair removal.   

Not to be confused with a dermatologist, Dr. Harris offers complete medical aesthetic services.

A dermatologist is a medical doctor who will assess often serious skin issues, such as eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, etc., as well as acne issues. Dermatologists regularly prescribe topical medications to treat the outlying symptoms.

An aesthetician completes a systematic skin analysis in a medical setting to see all underlying issues and creates a thorough treatment plan to assess the issues found. Unlike an esthetician, an aesthetician will help the patient better understand their specific skin condition and prepare a skin care regimen to manage and improve problem areas. Medical aestheticians may also treat acne-prone skin by dealing with the root of the problem as opposed to a topical symptom fix.

Dr. Harris looks at the whole picture and treats it accordingly to get the best possible results.

Get to Know Dr. Kim Harris, Prescott’s Medical Aesthetician

Dr. Harris graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2005 with a B.A. in Elementary and Special Education and a B.S. in Spanish. Upon graduation she taught at the high school level for four years.

A passion for a change led her to attend the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine.  She graduated in 2013 and has been in practice since then. Her previous teaching experience afforded her the skills to share her knowledge in naturopathic medicine in various presentation venues.

While in school to become a Naturopathic Doctor, she focused on Environmental Medicine, Women’s Health and Botanical Medicine. She has gained experience from some of the top naturopathic doctors in those areas over the four years spent there and has developed comprehensive treatment plans for a wide variety of diseases that can be modified to treat her individual patient needs.

Dr. Harris now focuses primarily on aesthetic medicine and specializes in the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles, along with moderate to severe lines in the face. Utilizing top of the line injectable products like the Juvederm family of dermal fillers and Botox, along with the VI Peel line of products, Dr. Harris is well equipped to help you achieve a younger look naturally.

With her background in Naturopathic Medicine, she specializes in giving a more natural look without looking frozen or overdone.

Come see what you can do with Dr. Harris on your team!

Meeting Your Individual Needs at Prescott Medical Aesthetics

One of the benefits that sets Dr. Kim Harris at Prescott Medical Aesthetics apart is that we don’t use a cookie cutter or package approach to skincare. Instead, a comprehensive assessment of each client is performed by an experienced skincare practitioner.

We don’t rush clients in and out. We take the time to discuss each client’s goals, issues, expectations, lifestyles, upcoming events, and other factors so a comprehensive treatment plan can be developed. This ensures that each client knows exactly what is being done, why it is being done, what results should be expected, what the client can do to get even better results, and how to maintain the results. This expert assessment combined with our sophisticated technology provide exceptional results for our clients.

For clients getting prepared for a special event, we have the experience and technologies to make sure you look the way you want to on your special days, without surprises. Additionally, many of our clients have experienced faster healing and better results with cosmetic surgeries by allowing us to help prepare them and their skin for these procedures.

A Little Personal Touch

Dr. Harris is a native of Prescott, Arizona. She currently lives with her husband and daughter in Prescott and enjoys everything that the Prescott area has to offer. She loves hiking and camping in the pines and exploring Prescott with her daughter Lily.


Dr. Harris is great! Very professional and knows her stuff! I did Botox with her and am very satisfied with the results and quantity recommended. I will continue to do business with her and refer others to her.

I have been seeing Dr. Harris for my Botox needs for years, she always takes time before beginning to understand what I want and my results are always very natural which is my priority. I recently asked her about lip enhancement and I am SO glad I did.

She was, again, able to give me the NATURAL result I wanted while getting rid of the lines above my lip and giving me just enough more volume. Friends told me I looked 5 years younger just from that one syringe.


A couple of years ago I met Dr. Harris and I told her that her skin looked incredible. I had no idea that the reason was because of Botox! When I would think of Botox I always had that frozen face image in my head, older women that would never be able to make a mad face again. I also thought that I was too young to start treating with Botox. I was skeptical and very nervous.  Dr. Harris went over the procedure and made sure she addressed all of my concerns. She stated that Botox at early ages also helps you age gracefully. Who doesn’t want that?
So I did it, I took the Botox plunge!  Best decision ever!!!! I am obsessed with the results! Even if you have a bad nights sleep you wake up and look refreshed. A night out with friends, when you get home no crows feet from laughing so hard! No frozen face either! Your skin looks absolutely flawless and moves very naturally
I highly recommend Dr. Harris for all of her services! She takes the time to review concerns in depth. She really understands, cares and listens to what her clients want! I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else!




We Are Not Plastic Surgeons, We Are Medical Aestheticians 


This means you receive the highest-quality medical care for all your skincare procedures. We perform minimally-invasive procedures with little to no pain and less downtime.

When you choose to have your treatments with us, you will get the results you desire - a new, youthful face.

We are professionally trained and experienced medical aestheticians who perform these procedures with a careful hand and expertise.

Schedule a consultation with us today to discover the perfect treatment for you!!

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