Are you tired of dealing with large pores, acne, and acne-related scarring? Are you on the verge of giving up on your over-the-counter skincare products that aren’t delivering results?

Perhaps it’s time to try a non-invasive laser treatment that actually works, such as laser genesis. 

Laser Genesis treatment is a safe and effective treatment for those battling against acne, acne scars, signs of aging, and other imperfections. 

Even high-profile personalities like Kendall Jenner have opened up about their acne battles, and the laser genesis became their go-to treatments. 

Curious about the benefits of laser genesis treatment? We’ve listed them down for you! Read on to find out more about this rejuvenating procedure!

How Laser Genesis Treatment Works

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive, non-ablative treatment that’s scientifically proven to improve imperfections such as acne, acne scarring, age spots, and reduce pore size. It works not only in the face but also in the neck, back, and other parts of the body.

So does the treatment really work?

Yes! Laser Genesis works effectively by using the heat from a laser to kill bacteria on the epidermis and deep within the skin. It also stimulates collagen growth.

As a result, your active acne will diminish, future breakouts will be prevented, scars will heal, and the appearance of your wrinkles and creases will improve.

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5 Benefits of Laser Genesis Treatments

before and after a laser genesis treatment

1. Reverse Sun Damage

Years of sun exposure affect melanin production and causes the skin to lose its natural elasticity. Premature aging occurs when the UV rays from the sun penetrate the deeper skin layers and damage skin cells. 

When skin cells are damaged, the production of beneficial proteins such as collagen and elastin will diminish.

With laser genesis treatments, sun damages can be reversed. The laser stimulates the development of new skin cells within your skin’s deep layers. These new cells will contribute to restoring the health, smoothness, and youthfulness of your sun-damaged skin.

2. Restore skin tone and texture

Sun exposure, pigmentations, and other skin issues cause uneven skin tone and texture. 

By undergoing laser genesis treatment sessions, you can achieve a smoother, even skin tone and texture.

3. Reduce the effects of acne scarring and other visible scars

If you’re suffering from acne problems, you’re considered a primary candidate for laser genesis. This treatment is effective for rosacea, redness, acne, acne scars and in preventing future breakouts.

Aside from acne-related scars, laser genesis effectively reduces other visible scars too, such as:

  • Surgical scars
  • Trauma/injury-related scars
  • Burn-related scars

4. Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

With laser treatments such as laser genesis, you can finally say goodbye to your problematic wrinkles and fine lines

When the lasers get into deeper skin layers, they can treat those deep wrinkles and “expression lines”. The treatment can also heal lighter lines or wrinkles and prevent them from turning deeper over time.

5. Decrease pore size

As we age, our skin starts to weaken its collagen production. More imperfections come out, including sagging and aging. 

As a skin rejuvenation procedure, laser genesis boosts collagen production and reduces pore size, irregular texture, and signs of aging.

FAQ: Does Laser Genesis Really Work? 

How long do laser genesis results last?

The results of a Laser Genesis treat vary depending on the patient’s skin condition and the number of sessions needed. 

Most patients enjoy the benefits of the treatment between six months to one year before undergoing necessary follow-up procedures.

Are Laser Genesis results permanent?

Laser Genesis can provide permanent scar reduction or removal results. For rosacea or pigmentation issues, improvements can last up to one year.

Can Laser Genesis damage your skin?

Laser genesis is generally a very low-risk procedure. Post-treatment side effects such as redness typically clear on their own after a few days.

Adverse reactions may occur depending on your skin condition and sensitivity to the laser. It’s best to consult a doctor first before a laser genesis treatment.

Increase Your Overall Self-Confidence With Laser Genesis!

The increase in self-confidence is undeniably the most promising benefit of many skin rejuvenating treatments, including laser genesis.

Skin issues can bother you, affect how you view yourself, and make you avoid certain social situations.  

With the right treatment, you can restore your skin’s health and glow, as well as your confidence.

To achieve this, make sure to consult only with a licensed, highly experienced aesthetician to perform laser genesis on you. A licensed specialist knows the right ways and techniques to do the procedure according to your skin condition and needs.

If you’re in Arizona, Prescott Medical Aesthetics in Prescott, AZ is here to take care of your skin problems. 

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