Women’s health needs have been historically under-prioritized and unrecognized by the medical establishment. For example, did you know that women considered to have “child-bearing potential” were excluded from all clinical trials by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from 1977 through 1993? The official reason was that they believed that the hormonal differences due to menstrual cycles would complicate the data and analysis.

This attitude simultaneously acknowledges and dismisses the unique needs of women. It also led to a lack of information and reduced access to treatments for women. Research on  women’s health is also historically low, adding to the disparity of information and access to treatments for half the population. While things have improved, the establishment has a long way to come if we are to see equality extend to medical research, funding and access. 

It’s easy to see that women must advocate for themselves when it comes to health and wellness. This can be quite difficult since so many women juggle the heavy responsibilities of caring for families and working full time. This is why we created specialized programs to promote women’s wellness in our clinic.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of prioritizing women’s wellness with a women-centric provider.

Less frustration from dealing with dismissive medical providers.
Gender bias in medicine is a serious problem women have been dealing with for decades. Not only do medical professionals ignore and undertreat pain in female patients, but they also dismiss reported symptoms leading to less timely and less accurate diagnoses. Many women reading this right now have probably experienced this issue. Can you think of a time when you were told that your symptoms were “just hormones” or that your excruciating menstrual cramps and heavy flow was normal?

1.Greater access to women-centric services
If you’ve been told that your chronic exhaustion is normal, you aren’t losing weight because you’re not disciplined or that there is no help for hot flashes, you’re not alone. Women can experience a large range of symptoms related to hormonal issues, but many mainstream providers lack knowledge and empathy for such conditions. The result is that many women just ignore their own discomfort or they try to alleviate symptoms through natural, over-the-counter treatments. Utilizing a provider that prioritizes women’s wellness can reduce this problem and give you access to specialized services, such as hormone replacement therapy.

2. May be less likely to experience “white coat syndrome”

Do you feel extra anxiety before a doctor’s appointment? If you do, you’re not alone. Some people experience a special type of stress associated with medical situations called white coat syndrome. This has a measurable impact on your pulse, blood pressure and respiration. For some, the anxiety it creates can be severe and may prevent them from seeking medical care. While anyone may have white coat syndrome, women are in the group of those more likely to experience it. The reasons behind this are complicated, but women may feel more comfortable seeking services from a women-focused provider.

3. Greater sense of self-determination
More than ever, we have to be our own advocates when it comes to health and wellness. This means it’s often up to us to seek out specialized advice, research options, speak out about our symptoms and say something when we feel our concerns are not being addressed. This can be stressful and overwhelming, especially when you’re trying to address issues related to hormones, pain and fatigue. When you work with a clinic that focuses on women’s wellness, you may feel more like a partner seeking solutions instead of “just a patient.” This is empowering and allows you to maintain a sense of control over the issues you’re working to resolve. 

There are few subjects more personal than health, which is why you should not have to settle. At Prescott Medical Aesthetics, we believe that a woman’s health and wellness are both gifts that deserve dedicated attention. This is why we came up with specialized programs to promote women’s wellness in our clinic. Our experienced team of specialists act as your healthcare partner to help when you need advice, support or compassionate care.