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Increase Lost Volume in your Face with Dermal Fillers

Dr. Harris offers the latest trends in dermal fillers to give you the best possible results to refresh the beauty in your face. Pump up your self-esteem with increased volume that will take years off your appearance and give you a little more bounce in your step…

How? And What are Fillers?

Great question – Dermal fillers are made of hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance found in the body. Dermal fillers are carefully injected under the skin to help treat volume loss in the nasolabial folds, in the smile lines, to give a cheek lift and to be inserted as lip fillers.

While Botox is used to prevent and treat fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, fillers are generally used to increase volume and give patients a much more youthful appearance in the lower face.

At Prescott Botox we use products from trusted companies such as Galderma and Allergan. Galderma is the creator of  the  Restylane family of fillers. Allergan is the creator of the Juvederm family of fillers.

Here are some of the areas these dermal fillers can restore lost volume and give you a more youthful appearance:

  • Juvederm Ultra XC and Volbella lip fillers to add fullness and subtle volume to lips, as well as to smooth the appearance of vertical lip lines.
  • Voluma to lift and contour your cheeks
  • Juvederm XC and Vollure smooth lines around the nose and lips and add volume in this area
  • Restylane-L, Restylane Defyne and Restylane Refyne are used to help add volume to lips, and reduce the look of moderate to deep lines around the mouth and nose
  • Restylane Lyft is used in the cheek area to add volume and help bring a more youthful look to the entire face

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Dermal Filler Treatment Areas

Juvederm Vollure

Similar in use to Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, it is a thicker product used for smoothing lines around the mouth and the nasolabial folds, but it is designed to last up to 18 months making it the best value for your money.

Juvederm Volbella

A hyaluronic acid-based filler created specifically as a lip filler as well as the thinnest product listed here. Dr. Harris uses Volbella to subtly add volume and contour to the lips, while also smoothing vertical smoker’s lines.

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC

A slightly thicker gel with lidocaine. This product can be used in the lips to volumize and reduce lines. Juvederm Ultra Plus XC also is commonly used to fill smile lines, nasolabial folds and other deeper lines in the face.

Juvederm Ultra XC

An injectable gel with hyaluronic acid and lidocaine for a more comfortable treatment. This is a thinner product than the others listed here and is typically used in the lips to volumize and reduce fine lines around the mouth. This is also available without lidocaine if patients prefer.

Juvederm Voluma

Makes for a perfect cheek lift while contouring the cheek area, which can also help lift the corners of the mouth, smooth out nasolabial folds and help define the jawline. This filler is a life changer- it can take years off your face, giving you a youthful look that can last up to 2 years.

What to Expect at Your Dermal Filler Appointment

A typical filler visit starts with some topical numbing cream, applied to the area to be treated, and is left on for approximately 20 minutes. This will help you feel more comfortable during your treatment time. Dr. Harris will then work with you to determine the areas you would like corrected and get a treatment plan in place.

Typically, a dermal filler appointment will take between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the number of areas to be treated. Patients often worry about it being painful, and while it is not a completely comfortable procedure, the topical numbing cream along with lidocaine in the injection itself leave many patients surprised with how painless it can be!

Patients should expect bleeding and bruising after the treatment, along with swelling. These can last up to 2 weeks so please plan any events accordingly. And as always, Dr. Harris offers free 15-minute consultations if you would like to know what your options are as far as fillers go.

Multiple syringes and multiple visits may be necessary to achieve optimal correction. Treatments last from 6 months to 2 years depending on the filler used and the area it is applied to.

This can be done at the same appointment as your Botox if you have concerns about wrinkles and fine lines around the eyes, between the eyebrows and on the forehead.

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