Coming up on a new year it is a great time to revamp your glamour regimen, one that will have you feeling brand new, younger, refreshed and looking like a million bucks. 

With the holidays fast approaching and the new year of 2020 on the horizon, it’s time to learn more about the amazing benefits of Laser Genesis treatments so you can put your best face forward to ring in the new year.

Why Get the Genesis Laser Skin Care Treatment?

If you are one who struggles with low self-esteem or a lack of confidence due to imperfections caused by acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and/or visible pores, these problem areas can be treated with this procedure.

How it works

The Laser Genesis treatment is a non-invasive procedure done at your medical aesthetician’s office.  The type of laser used in laser Genesis is made up of a single wavelength of light to penetrate down to the second layer of skin, generating heat to accelerate the regrowth of the collagen. 

Collagen within the skin structure is essential to help diminish the appearance of scars, age spots, wrinkles, and redness. The heat also kills bacteria which helps to reduce active acne and prevent acne breakouts. 

Coupling the Laser Genesis skin treatment with the Intense Pulse Light (IPL) procedure can really illuminate your results. 

IPL works great to reduce the appearance of rosacea (known as red skin), skin discoloration, and aging skin.

Laser Genesis is generally considered safe for all skin tones and types. Besides the face, it can also be used for enhancing the neck and chest.

To get a better idea of the effectiveness of Laser Genesis, we wanted to hear what the experts had to say about this new, age-reversal, skin-perfecting technology.

This Beauty Expert Stepped Under the Beam for a First-hand Experience

Kristen Noel Crawley, founder of KNC Beauty and well-known writer for fashion and beauty publications such as ELLE Vogue and Glamour, put Laser Genesis to the test to see for herself if this treatment was worth the limelight.

In her article, “This Laser Combo will Transform Your Skin”, Crawley expressed after one treatment her “skin looked flawless.” 

If you are wondering the number of sessions it takes to get the desired results, the average is between 3 – 9. In Crawley’s case, she was recommended to have a total of six.

She said of her experience, “After one I looked good; I can’t imagine after six! I think this treatment works best for preventative measures, women in their twenties and thirties with minor wrinkles or sun spots, nothing too serious. I noticed a few of my old acne scars had lightened up, my skin felt tighter, and my pores looked much smaller. I do recommend the full series of treatments.”

A Beauty Blogger Shines the Light on Her Experience

Jessica Rapana is a freelance editor published in many popular publications including the New York Post, ELLE, and Good Housekeeping. She specializes in arts and entertainment, beauty, and fashion and has also taken the time to put the Genesis treatment to the test.

Rapana became a patient at the Inskin Medispa across the pond in New South Wales, Australia. She was interested in learning for herself and her readers if laser Genesis really worked. 

She compared the Genesis laser to other laser treatments and learned that “Laser Genesis doesn’t require the usual gels and painkillers prior to treatment,” as it is better known to be “more gentle and even “relaxing.”

Some have described their experience of this laser treatment to feel like a hot rubber band snapping the skin. Rapana expressed that her session was “incredibly relaxing – like a facial with the warm sun on your face.”

Another question that may come to mind is how much does Laser Genesis cost and is it worth it? For Rapana, her session was $370. As a beauty blogger, she asked herself if it was post-worthy, 

“Well, if I may be so bold, I would say it comes pretty close. Straight away, I noticed my skin looked and felt better. Even without makeup.”

A Plastic Surgeon Highlights the Results of Genesis Treatment

Dr. Norman J. Pastorek, MD, PC, FACS,  known as a world-leading facial plastic surgeon, has 30 years of experience treating thousands of patients with an office in Upper East Side NYC. 

His practice touts that Laser Genesis enhances the skin with a radiant sheen.

He discusses the lasting results of this treatment.  “The procedure can provide permanent results when removing or reducing scars.” Those who experience redness from rosacea or skin discoloration can experience an improvement in appearance for a “limited time, usually up to one year” with a follow-up session to maintain results. 

Pastorek recommends that patients get into a consistent home-care routine to help prolong the results, including avoiding too much time in the sun.

Get the Skinny on Laser Genesis from this Master Aesthetician

Kristin Dagilis owner of Gobare Aesthetic Studio in central Massachusetts is also a blogger of all things beauty among many other things. In her studio, she offers many skin treatments.

Her clients often assume that undergoing the laser will mean a painful experience with blotchy, inflamed faces that need a few days to heal before seeing any results.

Dagilis explains that “immediately after the treatment, most clients look a little pink like they just went for a jog. Most people are not embarrassingly red and can return to their normal activities as long as they wear SPF outside. It is also acceptable to wear mineral makeup following the treatments.”

Depending on the individual’s level of skin sensitivity will determine how pink one may get after a session.

Skin Care Experts Weigh in from Kate Somerville’s Clinic

Kate Somerville is the founder of the Skin Health Experts Clinic with two high-profile locations, one in Hollywood and one in New York City. Her skincare experts had these things to say about Laser Genesis:

Cassie, a registered nurse aesthetician, says that Laser Genesis is one of her favorite skincare services to provide for her clients due to its fast-acting results. She says it creates “an immediate glow” and is a skincare treatment that “truly works.” 

Cassie states that “this treatment benefits anyone who has skin. There’s no downtime so it’s perfect for a night out, if you are going on a date, have an event, or just want to look beautiful!”

Laura is a registered nurse and has been with Kate Somerville for 10 years.  She also shared that her favorite skincare treatment to perform is the Laser Genesis treatment.

“It is such a versatile and effective treatment for any skin type and targeting a variety of concerns from acne to anti-aging.”

laser genesis skin treatments work

Depending on the location and each studio, the cost of Laser Genesis will vary, though the average cost can range between $275 to up to $400 a session.

2020 just may be the year that you look into the laser technology to create a radiant glow for yourself. To learn more about this exciting new treatment, Prescott Medical Aesthetics is your locally licensed and trusted aesthetician to get the best service.