In these unprecedented times, nothing is more important than keeping your body healthy. 

Due to the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic, Prescott Medical Aesthetics will be applying new changes to our services. 

We are here to care for you and your health in these challenging times. 

Our clinics are still open and will be serving essential treatments, such as online wellness visits, IV therapy, hormone replacement therapy, and B-12 injections. 

Ready to get your body in its best shape even while in quarantine? 

Take a look at our list of immunity-boosting and stress-relieving treatments! 


Prescott Medical Aesthetics Is Open For Essential Services

We rely on our immune systems to protect us from infectious diseases, such as the COVID-19. 

On top of a good diet, regular exercise, and proper sleep, there are also alternative ways to give your immune system a much-needed boost. 

Here are the essential, immunity-building treatments available at our clinic: 


Online Video Wellness Visit 

Do you have a question with regard to your skin and overall wellness? 

We’re glad to offer digital consultations through an Online Video Wellness Visit! 

Our online video consultations are now available with  Dr. Harris, an Aesthetic ND, and Elaine, a Certified Licensed Esthetician, for your skincare and wellness needs! 

Let us know your skin and health problems, whether you’re dealing with acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, or wrinkles —  we’ll give you our best advice using only natural treatments. 

Call us today and we’ll send you instructions for your first online appointment! 


IV Therapy 

Nutrient deficiencies are a common risk factor that can affect your immune system. 

Now that you’re staying at home more the question is, are you able to keep a healthy lifestyle? 

If you think these stressful times are causing your poor diet and low energy levels, you may want to consider getting your dose of vitamins and minerals through IV therapy. 

IV therapy is a nutrient-infusing treatment that delivers concentrated forms of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants safely into your bloodstream. 

This provides the most efficient means of nourishing your body without the delay of digesting a vitamin or supplement pill.

We are happy to offer 2 brand new IV therapy treatments in our clinic: 

  • The Natural Defense IV protects the body and speeds up recovery from an illness such as a cold. 
  • The LiquiLife is a vitamin IV drip designed to improve health in the long term. 

Contact us to schedule an appointment


Hormone Replacement Therapy

Do you experience the following symptoms?

  • Fatigue and lack of energy
  • Difficulty sleeping at night
  • Reduced mental focus and memory
  • Hot flashes and night sweats 
  • Mood swings, anxiety, or feeling depressed
  • Reduced sexual desire or performance

If you’ve felt any of these, you may be experiencing a hormonal imbalance. In stressful situations, the symptoms of hormonal imbalances are likely to be heightened and aggravated. 

We’re proud to offer one of the most cutting-edge hormone replacement therapies — the BioTE Hormone Optimization. 

Here’s what you can expect: We do a complete assessment of your overall history and symptoms. Then we perform a lab order in the office to check your hormone levels. 

Based on your blood panel, we prescribe a hormone treatment to optimize your levels effectively.  

Many of our patients, both men, and women are regaining happier and healthier lives with this treatment! 

Those who have received this treatment have also seen a significant improvement in their energy levels. They’ve had improved sleep, the energy to exercise, and even weight loss.

Schedule an online wellness visit for more information


B12 Injections 

It’s hard to concentrate and maximize your energy in these trying times. Vitamin B12 injections are an easy fix to get energized and be productive! 

Vitamin B12 is essential for red blood cell formation, cellular metabolism, brain function, and bone health. 

Although it’s important in many metabolic processes, B12 isn’t a naturally occurring vitamin in the body. This makes it an essential nutrient that needs to be supplied for your body. 

B12 injections can help treat a documented deficiency or are used to help increase energy, increase brain function, and for building DNA.

Call us for more information on B12 injections


Care for Your Body & Boost Your Health Today

wellness visit at Prescott medical aesthetics

We are here to provide for your immune-boosting health care needs and to support your wellness through this pandemic. 

Give your body and health the care it deserves! Give your family the best healthy you!

Schedule an online wellness visit today to learn more about how you can keep your health in check with our essential services. 

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