What is Laser Genesis? What does Laser Genesis do? Everybody that calls to ask about this powerful treatment starts with these two questions, which makes sense. After all, this is a popular treatment in the aesthetic world because it is so effective, but when you start to consider treatment options you want to go past the buzz and dive into the “how.” 

Let’s look at what Laser Genesis is, how it works and who may most benefit from it. 

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis is a non-invasive, non-ablative laser treatment that can dramatically improve the way your skin looks and feels. Non-ablative lasers affect the underlying skin tissue without causing damage to the surface. This stimulates collagen production under the surface, which is the support structure for your face. This plumps up the tissue under wrinkles and lines to smooth them out and gives you a more youthful look. It also improves acne, reduces pores, improves skin texture and helps even out skin tone from hyperpigmentation and similar issues.

What does Laser Genesis do?

Laser Genesis reduces skin imperfections, encourages cell turnover and stimulates the production of collagen in the treatment area. The result is better-looking skin on the outside and a stronger support structure under the surface. While all of these are important results, it’s necessary to understand the impact Laser Genesis has on collagen to fully realize how revolutionary the treatment truly is. 

As we age we lose collagen, and collagen production slows over time. In fact, we lose up to 1.5% of our collagen a year, but hormonal factors and other conditions can exacerbate this further. The result is the “droopy” facial characteristics associated with aging. Procedures like Laser Genesis that stimulate increased production are especially effective because they tap into our body’s natural process. 

The results can be spectacular, but maybe even more important is that they can last longer than fillers alone. This is because once you gain collagen, it’s yours. While your body continues to lose collagen, including the newly stimulated collagen, it happens slower than your body typically reabsorbs fillers used to temporarily support your face’s shape. 

What issues can Laser Genesis help with?

Laser Genesis helps with a number of issues on the surface and under the surface. On the surface of your skin, it can help resolve hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone issues. Those with sun damage, melasma or other pigmentation issues can see serious improvements.

Laser Genesis is also beneficial for those with acne and acne scarring. The treatment itself can reduce the scarring and texture issues that come with the territory. An important benefit is that Laser Genesis also helps kill bacteria which helps reduce active breakouts and can help improve the acne cycle. 

Laser Genesis helps to:  

  • Restore a more even skin tone
  • Enhance skin texture and resolve texture issues
  • Reduce the effects of acne scarring
  • Diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decrease pore size

An interesting benefit of Laser Genesis is that it is generally safe for all skin tones without the hyperpigmentation worry of some treatments. Of course, a skilled aesthetician should still evaluate and clear all patients for the procedure and create a plan of treatment that matches their goals. 

What is a Laser Genesis treatment like? 

Laser treatments are scary for some people because they associate them with painful procedures that cause serious peeling and flaking during the healing process. Since Laser Genesis is non-ablative, you don’t have to worry about these issues. The procedure itself is not painful and a topical numbing agent is not even required. Most people say it simply feels warm, similar to the gentle warming feeling you have when you’re in the sun. 

The treatment is sometimes called a “lunchtime procedure” because it only takes about 30 minutes. Before it begins, the aesthetician will cleanse your skin and provide you with goggles to protect your eyes. The Genesis laser is passed over the treatment area which will feel warm, but not uncomfortably so. This is simply the byproduct of the laser heating up the layers of your skin.

After you receive Laser Genesis you can get right back to your day with no downtime required. Your skin may appear a little pink, but if you have sensitive skin it might appear more red. Don’t worry though, this subsides quickly. You really just have to use sunscreen if you’re outside afterward. If you are having multiple treatments, which is often necessary to reach the desired effect, you must wait around a month between. 

Laser Genesis is a powerful and effective tool for boosting collagen, reducing wrinkles, reducing pore size and improving your skin’s tone and texture. Unlike some laser procedures, it is not painful, requires no downtime and does not result in peeling or flaking. While you’ll need to wear sunscreen or stay out of the sun directly after the treatment, you can essentially jump right back into your day. 

If you’re curious about what Laser Genesis could do for you, come in for a consultation. We would love to learn about your goals and help you reach them.